I am currently working as a full-time chess instructor at Franklin Academy Charter School and excited to teach chess as a subject and have a regular job with free weekends :) .

Information for my Franklin Academy middle school students!!

Review for the First exam (Click on the previous line to open the review) for beginners and Intermediate.The test will be on September 16th .

Extra credit for Franklin Academy students. They have to make handwritten copies of the complete review up to 20 times and will receive 1 extra credit point for every copy.

  • The project for the first quarter is due September 30th. It is a 200 words summary on how chess benefits in live.

This web site was developed by chess Grandmaster Renier Gonzalez. It contains some important information, such as my best chess achievements, chess camps, and lessons.

I want to thank Network Strategics for the great help developing this website.